Post Malone Will Host A Virtual Concert To Celebrate Pokémon Day

If you have always wondered what starter Pokémon Post Malone would pick, then get ready to find out because the award-winning rapper is hosting a virtual concert in celebration of Pokémon Day!

Pokémon Day is on February 27th and this year marks the 25th anniversary of everyone's favorite catchable monsters, which is why The Pokémon Company announced a HUGE virtual concert hosted by Post Malone to celebrate.

The even more interesting thing is that Post Malone won't be performing in-person, but will instead be digitized to look like he's in an actual Pokémon game and perform virtually.

The concert will also kick off the Pokémon Company’s P25 Music program, where it plans to pair with artists like Katy Perry to create new music “through the lens of Pokémon."

You can see the concert's announce trailer below and it will all kick off on February 27th at 7pm!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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