You Can Now Get Pokémon Cards Inside A McDonald's Happy Meal

You might want to avoid/plan a trip to a McDonald's near you based on your feelings about Pokémon cards because the fast food chain is currently offering Pokémon cards with every Happy Meal purchase!

Thanks to multiple Pokémon collector accounts, we now know that with every purchase of a Happy Meal that you will be given a small booster pack of four cards to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the hit franchise.

The cards that will be featured include most of the starter Pokémon from every generation, with a total of 25 cards, but the thing that will get collector's buying hundreds of Happy Meals is that each pack includes a holographic card.

McDonald's are already starting to run out of cards and the promotion didn't even go live until February 9th because people have realized you can just buy the happy meal toy for$1.99 instead of getting the meal.

Just get ready for there to be a TON of videos in the next few weeks of people fighting in a McDonald's over cards!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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