Pizza Hut Has Brought Back Its Heart-Shaped Pizza

Trying to keep things low-key and socially distanced for Valentine's Day this year? Pizza Hut has you covered because they are currently offering their heart-shaped pizza from now through February 16th!

The restaurant is bringing back their heart-shaped pizza that is essentially their normal pizza, but it is just "molded" into a different shape and the best thing is that you can customize them with secret messages with your toppings.

A rep from the chain has revealed that if you request a short message on top of your pizza that the employees will most likely help you out based on your toppings.

Now before you go and propose on Valentine's Day with a pizza, just make sure your partner would be okay with that because, if not, then your Valentine's Day, and most likely relationship, will be ruined!

(Guilty Eats)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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