Stellina Pizzeria Has A 'Pasta Vending Machine' In Arlington, VA

You might want to take a trip to Arlington's Shirlington neighborhood in the next few weeks because a pizzeria has just come up with a "pasta vending machine" to let its customers make its pasta at home!

Stellina Pizzeria won't be opening its new Shirlington location until February 12th, but everybody already has it on their local restaurant radar because of its "pasta vending machine."

This custom-made vending machine, which can currently be found outside of Stellina's forthcoming Shirlington location, is stocked with family-size pasta kits with options like cacio e pepe and pomodoro or bolognese and lamb ragu.

You can even order ready-to-eat jars of tiramisu, DIY cannolis, and even charcuterie if you're headed to a winery! To try out the vending machine you do need to visit the restaurant from 10:30am to 8pm on weekdays and until 9pm on weekends, but get ready for a TON of other restaurants to do the same thing!

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