A 'Black Panther' Spinoff Series Is Coming To Disney Plus

Disney Plus has already been killing it with their original series based in the Star Wars Galaxy and MCU and it looks like that's going to continue into 2022 because Ryan Coogler has signed a deal to help develop a drama series about the Kingdom of Wakanda!

Coogler’s Proximity Media signed a five-year deal with Disney, which includes the Wakanda series and Black Panther 2, and if you've been a fan of the MCU then you know there are a TON of ways this show could go down.

Potential plot points for the show could be about who rules the "Wakandan Throne" after T'Challa leaves it, Wakanda building its outreach centers across the globe, or even the history of how Wakanda came to be like Game of Thrones.

Coogler’s next endeavor in the Black Panther franchise will be to direct Black Panther 2, which will most likely answer some of those questions and is scheduled to hit theaters on July 8th, 2022 if everything goes to plan. We can most likely expect this series after that!

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Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

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