This Magic: The Gathering Card Is Selling For Over $500,000

Get ready to start pulling out your old card binders from your parents' house because a Magic: The Gathering card just sold for $511,100!

The card is the game's Black Lotus card and normally was the game's most-prized card after it released in 1993 and can be used to cast powerful spells in the game very quickly.

What makes this specific card so special is that its corners are a bit wider than today’s Magic cards and that its edges are free from chips and scratches. The case the card came in was signed by artist Christopher Rush, whose style set the tone for this first edition of the world’s most popular collectible card game and passed away in 2016 so this card is SUPER RARE!

The auction was held on eBay and someone actually payed the $511,000 price tag to have the card! Just goes to show that while you can invest in Dogecoin, you can also just sell your old stuff and make the same amount of money!

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