G4 Is Bringing Back 'X-Play' And 'Attack Of The Show'

G4 is coming back soon, which already had us hyped, but now the two shows that inspired us to start Crisis On Infinite Podcasts, Attack Of The Show and X-Play, are coming back when the network re-launches!

G4 made the official announcement that not only are both shows returning in Summer 2021, but some of the former hosts might make a return as well like Adam Sessler, Blair Herter, and Kevin Pereira.

The news was confirmed on G4's Twitter in a teaser video that featured the show's logos, the voice of X-Play host Adam Sessler, and the text "We heard you. The legends return. Summer 2021. We never stopped playing" which you can see below.

How hyped are you for G4 to come back and not just be Ninja Warrior reruns??


Photo Credit: G4TV

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