You Can Stay Inside A 7-Eleven And Eat Whatever You Want With This Airbnb

We all love getting our "Slurpee on" throughout the year and it turns out you can drink as many Slurpees as you want in this 7-Eleven Airbnb!

7-Eleven is going to let two people spend the night in a new store before it opens and is calling it a "Gamer's Paradise" because inside the 7-Eleven will be a big-screen TV, a PlayStation 5, and the ability to eat anything AND everything inside the store.

Two separate one-night stays are available and each night will cost just $11. You'll be responsible for getting yourself to the Airbnb, which is in Dallas, TX, but that's nothing when a dream fantasy is on the line!

You can see photos of what the experience will look like below!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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