A Thumb Injury Forced A Pro Call of Duty Player To Retire At 25

If only we could tell our younger selves to apply for afternoon gaming programs because living the life of a pro-gamer sounds awesome, but one pro has had to hang the controller up early after sustaining a thumb injury!

25-year-old professional Call of Duty League player ZooMaa has been forced to log off for good thanks to a thumb injury he sustained late last year that will prevent him from playing professionally.

Say what you will about esports players, but they make good money and to retire at 25 is a big deal because that is right at the prime of your gaming career.

You can see ZooMaa's retirement announcement below and we wish the best for him. Hopefully he'll be streaming on Twitch for fun and to still entertain his audience!

(NY Post)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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