A Rare Blastoise Card Just Sold For $360,000

If you're in need of money for student loans or a car payment then you might want to look at your old binder of trading cards because a rare Blastoise Pokémon trading card just sold for $360,000!

We've talked about Charizard cards and booster packs breaking records for selling at ridiculously high prices and now it's time for another OG Pokémon starter to get his time in the spotlight.

The Blastoise card is one of two presentation cards that Wizards of the Coast, the original makers of the trading card game, used to convince Nintendo to go ahead with the game.

The card has a slightly different design to the final product that rolled out, but it did manage to get itself an 8.5 CGC grading and nobody knows where the other presentation card is so it could be the only one to exist.

Fingers crossed Yu-Gi-Oh cards also make a comeback because we have a ton of those in our old bedrooms!

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