"Hot Tea Bombs" Are Now A Thing

Last fall we were introduced to a delightful drink trend: hot chocolate bombs. They took off on social media and made their way to mugs everywhere, but now get ready for another innovation in drinks: hot tea bombs!

Instead of melting chocolate down, these bombs are made with isomalt, a clear sugar substitute that can be easily poured into spherical molds where teabags or loose tea can be placed in the center of the mold.

The hot tea bombs gets placed into a mug and when hot water is poured over it, the bomb dissolves and the tea steeps instead of you having to dip a bag into hot water for 30 seconds.

Like hot chocolate bombs, the hot tea version can also be decorated with edible food coloring, crystals, glitter, flowers and more. As of right now the hashtag #teabombs has more than 2.5 million views on TikTok so get ready for everyone you know to try and buy or make one!

You can see some of the top tea bomb videos below for inspiration!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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