Samsung Is Making A Robot That Pours Wine And Brings It To You

Everyone knows that when you make a wedding registry that you always ask for a Roomba if you don't already have one, but you might want to get ready to replace that with this new robot being developed from Samsung that can pour a glass of wine and serve it to you!

The robot is called Bot Handy and was recently revealed at this year's CES and it's essentially a tall, thin robot with two large digital eyes and a single arm that can pivot in three different points. There are cameras mounted on the robot to recognize objects and this allows the robot to grab things with the right amount of force and travel with them.

This allows the Bot Handy to grab things, like a glass of wine or your mail, and then bring it to you without you having to get up.

Samsung also announced another robot called Bot Care that is supposed to be a personal assistant and help you with work tasks in your home office or on your computer, which we also need in our current work-from-home setup!

There's no word on when either robot will release, but fingers crossed it's sooner than we think!

(The Verge)

Photo Credit: Samsung

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