Twitter Is Playing Pokemon Red In Someone's Profile Picture

Remember when Twitch played Pokémon and the world came together to unanimously decide which starter Pokémon to choose? Get ready to do it all again because one Twitter user has somehow figured out to make his profile photo play Pokémon Red based on user input!

Constantin Liétard has created a way for Twitter to play Pokémon Red through his profile picture thanks to his pinned tweet that asks other users to comment with "Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, Start, or Select" to control an emulated game of Pokémon Red.

Comments are pulled every 15 seconds and the most commented input is sent to the game where the current game state is then automatically made into Liétard's 400x400 Twitter profile picture.

There has been over 30,000 comments so far and it's only going to get even bigger when Liétard completes all eight gyms and takes on the Elite Four! You can see the main tweet below!


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