You Can Now Buy Super Mario-Themed Perfume

Have you always wondered what Mario smelled like from any of the Super Mario games? Get ready to have your questions answered because you can now buy a Mario-themed perfume!

UK video game retailer GAME is selling an unofficial unisex fragrance inspired by the Super Mario Bros. series called "Eau De Plumber."

The "Italian-inspired perfume" features "earthy notes of toadstool" that are balanced with "high notes of peach and daisy" and has a "mid-tone of grass land" so I'm not 100% sure if it's going to smell great, but it comes it a cool bottle!

The perfume comes in a 200ml bottle that has Mario's hat as the bottle topper and apparently the first batch of perfume has already sold out.

To learn more about the "Eau De Plumber" you can go HERE and fingers crossed they sell another batch soon!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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