HBO Max Is Now Available On Roku And PS5

HBO Max is quickly becoming one of the top streaming services to pay for with the announcement a few weeks ago that EVERY 2021 release will be available on HBO Max the same day it comes to theaters and now Roku and PS5 owners can get in on the fun!

HBO Max announced yesterday that it will finally bring the streaming service to Roku and PS5s after several months of delays to reach an agreement on both platforms.

The even better thing is that you can start using HBO Max TODAY on practically every streaming service and get ready to watch Wonder Woman 1984 when it comes to the streaming service on Christmas Day.

Roku devices already have an HBO channel, which will turn into HBO Max starting today and you will be able to log in using your current credentials to get access to HBO Max, while new customers will be able to subscribe to HBO Max through Roku.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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