Solving David Dobrik's Puzzle Could Win You $100,000

If you're looking for something to switch up your holiday lotto scratchers, then I might have found the perfect stocking stuffer thanks to YouTuber David Dobrik!

Dobrik is releasing a "Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle," which in our favor doesn't cost $100,000, but gives you the chance to win said amount and you only have to pay $35 for a puzzle.

The Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle costs $30 to buy before shipping and it may reward you with somewhere between 25 cents and $100,000 by scanning the QR code you make from the puzzle.

Once you scan the code you'll be directed to a site where you plug in a unique verification code that came on the puzzle box and then find out how much you're winning.

Puzzle orders will start shipping the week of December 21 and the game ends on March 31 of 2021 or until they sell out, so you have some time to complete the 500-piece puzzle, but not forever.

To order a puzzle you can go HERE!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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