You Need To Try This TikTok Hack For Cutting Cake With Wine Glasses

TikTok has slowly become everyone's new home for DIY and food hacks and one cake hack is taking the world by storm and it involves eating cake with wine glasses!

The TikTok was originally posted by @theroseperiod on the app, even though it could have originated elsewhere, and it shows a group of friends waiting for someone to blow their birthday candles out and instead of cutting pieces out they instead use wine glasses and scoop out whatever cake they want.

The video has over 1.6 million views and well over 4,000 comments and it’s kind of mesmerizing as the ideal hack for germaphobes since no one else is touching your cake. Plus, you can toast with your glass before you all dig in, so it’s even more of a celebration!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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