You Can Now Make Your Own Official Funko Pop! Figure

Everyone knows that when you get a Funko Pop! figure that you've made it and now Funko wants to help everyone experience that sensation by letting collectors create their own official Pop! figures at their "Pop Factories!"

Funko will be adding these kiosks to their Funko retail locations in Washington and Los Angeles this weekend and collectors will actually be able to go into the store and then build a Funko Pop! figure of themselves or their friends and family and have it actually look like them.

Customers will be able to choose from thousands of unique combinations of hair, apparel, accessories, and more to fill out on an order form and then a Funko employee will assemble your figure to pick up later.

The "Pop People" are currently only available at the Funko stores, but you better believe that they'll enable this feature online so that Funko collectors can make their own Pop! figure no matter where they live!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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