The Queen's Gambit Has Caused A Huge Increase In Chess Sales

Chess is cool again y'all!!

Thanks to Netflix's The Queen's Gambit all chess-related sales have increased by almost 87% since the show released in October according to a recent report from the NPD.

In the 21 days following the show's release, chess set sales increased by 87% in the US, and sales of chess books leapt up 603%, which we can assume meant everyone pulled out their dust-covered chess set from when they were a kid and tried re-learning it all.

NPD Group also reports that across its first nine days on Netflix, US homes spent a total of 40.8 million hours watching the series and the show only takes seven hours to finish the entire mini-series.

Now when are we bringing backgammon and checkers back? If you somehow haven't seen The Queen's Gambit yet, then you can check out the trailer below!


Photo Credit: Netflix

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