Microsoft's New Patent Could Score Your Meeting Based On Body Language

Young man wearing headphones distracted watching series, videos, instead his online classes

You might want to start taking notice of how you act during your work calls on Teams or Zoom because Microsoft is working on a new patent that could score you based on your body language!

The patent is for an “insight computing system” that could track numerous factors of a meeting like the number of people in a meeting, room temperature, time of day, the number of time each participant speaks, and more.

It could also track “speech patterns” that would be able to detect boredom or fatigue when someone is talking, which could then be matched with your work emails and Internet history to determine what you were actually doing during a meeting.

Microsoft says they want to develop the system to help businesses choose the optimal time for employee engagement, but I have feeling that managers will use it instead to track their good and bad employees.

To learn more about the patent you can go HERE!

(The Independent)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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