PS5 Buyers Are Accidentally Purchasing Photos Of The Console For $500

If you successfully purchased a PlayStation 5 over the weekend, you might want to double-check your purchase because several people have learned the hard way that they paid $500 for a PICTURE of the PS5 instead of the actual console.

While most places have already sold out of their PS5 stock, a lot of people flocked to eBay and other resale sites to secure a PS5 for an extra cost, but what they weren't counting on was scalpers and resellers selling pictures instead of the console.

Over the weekend. multiple reports of people accidentally buying photos of the console for hundreds and sometimes even thousands of pounds in the UK surfaced and this is why you always read the description before buying something online.

Let these people be the example and if someone is trying to sell you the PS5 box for $500, that they might be selling you just the box!

(The Gamer)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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