Lufthansa Will Let You Buy An Entire Row To Sleep On Its Flights

FRANKFURT - MAY 02: Lufthansa Airbus A340 airplane through a window at Frankfurt Airport on May 02. 2018 in Germany

Get ready to start paying a premium to lie down in economy because Lufthansa will start offering passengers the chance to buy a full row of seats so that they can lie down across the row and sleep!

For an additional $260 on top of your normal plane ticket you can buy all three seats in your row and do whatever you want with them.

It's not quite the same experience as sleeping in one of those first class pods, but it's the next best thing and Lufthansa is already testing it out on its flights between Frankfurt and Sao Paulo.

If your flight offers the option you'll be able to see it during the check-in process and you'll also get a blanket, pillow, and a seat topper to let you sleep in the sky in comfort.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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