This Colorado Brewery Will Deliver Free Beer By Reindeer This Year

Reindeer at Snow Forest in Rovaniemi Finland Lapland

2020 just got even crazier because a brewery in Colorado has decided to start delivering beer to its customers by reindeer!

Colorado's Beckenridge Brewery is currently offering 10 Colorado residents to receive a mini-keg of its Christmas ale and have it delivered to their door by Santa's helpers.

The Anheuser-Busch owned brewery teamed up with a nearby deer ranch to make the collaboration happen after they realized that reindeer could have a huge impact on people's morale.

The contest, which can be entered by visiting the brand's website, runs until December 2 with deliveries to the winners in the Denver and Cascade areas taking place on December 5 and December 6.

In addition to your "reinbeer" delivery, winners will receive a Christmas Ale t-shirt, Christmas beanie, and a 12-pack of Christmas Ale and have the bragging rights that you saw a real-life reindeer!

Time to make friend in Colorado!!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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