Pizza Hut Is Releasing A Limited-Edition Gravity Blanket

Chalk another great idea up to Yum! Brands for coming up with the coolest collaboration of the year because Pizza Hut recently teamed up with Gravity Blanket to make a weighted blanket that looks like a pizza!

Inspired by the popularity of the Original Pan Pizza, Pizza Hut is selling an Original Pan Weighted Blanket that is made using Gravity Blanket's tested technology, but comes with pepperoni on it.

The Gravity Blanket weighs 15 pounds and is 72 inches in diameter so it's big enough to keep you and your partner warm during the holidays.

You can order the Original Pan Weighted Blanket at for $150, which is about a 25% savings from the traditional Gravity Blanket, but do know that as of right know the Original Pan Weighted Blanket is currently sold out.

Fingers crossed they go back in stock ASAP!!


Photo Credit: Pizza Hut

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