New Oxford Study Claims Playing Games Is Good For Mental Health


Get ready for your partner or kids to start playing video games more as we head into the holidays because a new Oxford University study has claimed that playing video games like Animal Crossing and Plants vs. Zombies is good for your mental health.

Using psychological questionnaires, researchers found that more playtime led to a greater sense of "wellbeing" in players because they had a sense of accomplishment when completing tasks and moving on to the next goal.

The study showed that you're a "much happier human being" if you play four hours a day of Animal Crossing, but the researchers claim this doesn't apply to every game like a Call of Duty or Fortnite, because in Animal Crossing you're tasked with going at your own pace and not competing with other players.

Just get ready for your partner to use this study as a defense mechanism when you ask if they can stop playing!!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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