Over 51% Of Netflix Users Admit To Sharing Their Password

If you thought your family was alone in sharing your Netflix account then get ready to have your mind put at ease because a new study reveals that almost 52.5% of Netflix's users are sharing their accounts with other people.

The study by Kill The Cable Bill found that while 47.5% of Netflix users haven't shared the password for their account, 52.5% have and that the biggest reason was because users were sharing the account with family outside of their immediate family.

Other details of the study found that 26% of Netflix subscribers are considering canceling the service due to its new price hikes, and the most common complaint people have about Netflix is that it's losing popular shows like The Office in the near future.

In the meantime, have a Netflix watch party with everyone watching your account of The Office's Christmas episodes while you still can.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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