YouTubers Spent $375,000 On Box Of Pokémon Cards That Were Proven Fake

Pokémon cards are cool again thanks to a ton of YouTubers and other content creators trying to buy them all up and increasing the price of the old carsd you have, but these YouTubers learned the hard way that you can't trust everything you buy online!

The team at the Dumb Money channel recently bought a First Edition box of Pokémon Cards that were estimated to be worth over $375,000 and were planning on giving them out at their first live event post-coronavirus. However, when they decided to open the packs inside they found out that the cards were fake!

Inside the box was an assortment of packs, not all of which were first edition, and some of which had already been opened to look like they were real.

You can see the moment they found out about their cards being fake below, but use this as a lesson that not everything you see advertised online is true!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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