Oreo Has Built A Doomsday Vault To Store Its Cookies

2020 has been the weirdest year to say the least, and now Oreo just revealed that is just finished building its doomsday vault that will store its cookies in case an asteroid ever strikes the Earth!

The vault was created specifically for Asteroid 2018VP1, which has a very small chance of hitting Earth's atmosphere on November 2nd and Oreo isn't taking any chances so it built its own vault.

The company built a concrete doomsday vault in Norway to house its cookies and apparently it's located at these coordinates if you wanted to look for it: 78°08'58.1"N, 16°01'59.7"E.

Obviously this is a PR stunt, but it might just be good knowledge to have in the back of your head just in case 2020 gets even wilder!


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