This British Supermarket Sent A Chicken Nugget To Space

Usually at the end of the year you can expect a ton of universities and marketing companies to spend money on funny and weird research studies and thanks to that we now know that chicken nuggets can survive in space!

British supermarket chain Iceland Foods Ltd. launched a chicken nugget into space on October 13th to celebrate its 50th anniversary and this past weekend the chicken nugget somehow made it back to Earth!

Iceland teamed up with space marketing company Sent Into Space to organize the launch where the nugget was taken to a launch site in rural Wales, where it was sent via a gas-filled weather balloon to Near Space at about 200 mph.

The nugget floated in Near Space’s low pressure atmosphere for about an hour before descending back to earth via parachute and because it was a frozen nugget, it seemed to be indifferent to the incredibly low temperatures of space.

You can see video of the chicken nugget in space below and just get ready for other food companies to be launching their foods into space in the near future.

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