Call Of Duty's Halloween Event Brings Zombies To The Game

If you haven't played Call of Duty: Warzone in a while then now might be the perfect time to hop back in because the game's Halloween event just started and not only does it bring back zombies, but we get the first appearances of Leatherface and Billy the Puppet from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw movie franchises.

From October 20th to November 3rd players can drop into Warzone and play multiple modes that are themed for Halloween that Call of Duty is calling the "Haunting of Verdansk." Not only will the event include new game modes, rewards, and skins from the horror movies, but it's allowing you to play as an actual zombie in "Zombie Royale."

In Warzone, players can experience Verdansk in the dark, which also includes a ghost train, a cameo from Billy the Puppet and Leatherface, and Trick or Treat loot boxes that can give you new weapon blueprints or a jump-scare!

You can see all of the things you can experience in Warzone in the event's trailer below and trust me, the show has already played "Zombie Royale" and we are having a blast!

Photo Credit: Activision

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