HBO Max's Green Lantern Series Will Feature Multiple Heroes

We FINALLY have news on HBO Max's upcoming Green Lantern series and it's going to feature a lot more Green Lanterns than we originally thought!

HBO Max announced last week that their untitled Green Lantern series will have a 10-episode live-action season and will have Seth Grahame-Smith as its showrunner with Marc Guggenheim helping write the series.

However, the big news everyone is talking about is that the show will span decades and feature multiple characters that take on the mantle of Green Lantern, including: Alan Scott, Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz.

Now if you know anything about Green Lantern, you know that Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart are the more famous Green Lantern Corps. members and both characters being left out has us thinking they are being saved for the movies.

Here's the official release from HBO Max and if you need a refresher on Green Lantern, then check out the video below:

"From HBO Max, DC, Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television comes a bold adaptation of the iconic comic book franchise, a saga spanning decades and galaxies. GREEN LANTERN will depict the adventures of a multitude of Lanterns, including Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz and Alan Scott — Earth’s first Green Lantern, who, true to the comics, is a gay man — and many more. The series will also include fan favorites such as Sinestro and Kilowog, and will also introduce new heroes to the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps."


Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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