Chipotle Just Revealed How To Make Its Chips At Home

Tons of brands are slowly making their way over to Tik Tok, but Chipotle has been killing it with whomever is running their Tik Tok account because they're sharing all the secret recipes you need to make their guacamole, rice, and now their chips!

Everyone knows that Chipotle's chips complete your meal and that even if you don't want a whole bag, which you'll probably steal at least one chip from your friend and now you can make them at home.

Thanks to a TikTok video posted by Chipotle earlier this week we now know that the recipe is super simple with the following steps:

  • Cut corn tortillas into quarters
  • Fry tortilla quarters for about 50 seconds
  • Mix half a lime with the chips in a mixing bowl
  • Add a "liberal" amount of salt
  • Toss the bowl once and juice the other half of your lime over the chips with more salt

You can see how employees make it in store, but now you have the perfect reason to start saving money at Chipotle!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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