J Balvin Is Getting An Official Meal At McDonald's

McDonald's might have struck gold with its celebrity-inspired meals because after the success of the Travis Scott meal, the fast food chain has just announced that it will be releasing a J Balvin Meal in the future.

Starting on November 1 you can go to any McDonald's and order the "J Balvin Meal," which comes with a Big Mac without pickles, a medium fry with ketchup, and an Oreo McFlurry.

While you don't get a drink with this, you can't discount having a McFlurry to dip your fries into with your meal and the even greater thing is that if you order with the McDonald's app you can get a FREE Oreo McFlurry with it to share with someone or save for later.

The meal will be available in stores starting on November 1st and while there is no price for it just yet, you can most likely expect it to cost the same as the Travis Scott Meal at $6!

(Guilty Eats)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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