Disney Plus Has Added A "GroupWatch" Feature

You can now FINALLY watch The Mandalorian or your favorite Disney movie with your friends and family, even if they don't live with you, thanks to Disney+'s latest update!

The streaming service has added a new feature called "GroupWatch" that allows up to seven Disney+ users to simultaneously watch a movie or series and it's not a web browser extension like most other streaming services have used during lockdown.

"GroupWatch" is also not limited to your browser as you can enable the feature from your phone or iPad to watch things on the go or if your television is occupied by someone else.

To activate "GroupWatch" you simply need to touch the new group icon on any show or movie which will allow you to invite your friends and family to watch something with you.

Let the group ret-watch of The Mandalorian commence before Season Two comes out in October!

(The Verge)

Photo Credit: Disney Plus

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