Farmville Is Officially Shutting Down Later This Year

If you haven't logged onto your virtual farm in Farmville recently then you might want to because Facebook is shutting down the game at the end of this year!

Zynga, the company behind Farmville, has announced that the game will no longer be playable at some point in December because Facebook will no longer be supporting Flash games starting on December 31st.

Farmville originally started in 2009 and had a peak player count of 30 million people because almost everyone was playing it back in its early years and while numbers have dwindled, active players will be able to continue making in-app purchases until November 17th, after which its payment system will shut down.

Part of me is glad Farmville is ending because it means I'll never get a notification to visit someone's farm again, but don't worry if you love farming because a mobile version is currently on the way!

(The Verge)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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