Check Out The First Trailer For 'Wandavision' On Disney Plus

The MCU drought is officially over because we got a NEW trailer for Wandavision during the Emmy's and my goodness is it good!

Now it could be the lack of having anything from the MCU come out since July of 2019, but Wandavision's first trailer looks really good and looks completely different than anything we've seen in the MCU before.

Now technically Falcon And The Winter Soldier was supposed to come out first, but because of coronavirus delays Disney was able to switch release schedules since most of Wandavision was on a self-contained set.

Check out the trailer below, which also features the first appearance of Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau (aka the daughter of Captain Marvel's best friend)!

As of right now there is no confirmed release date, but if the rumors are true then the first few episodes of Wandavision will release in late December, which is when Season Two of The Mandalorian will be wrapping up.

Photo Credit: Disney+

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