Taco Bell Is Releasing 'Jalapeño Noir' Wine

You might have already done this on your own, but you can actually pair Taco Bell with some wines and now the fast food chain is releasing its own wine called "Jalapeño Noir!"

For the past few years Taco Bell has been opening up some of its "Cantina" restaurants that sell actual alcohol in the restaurant and this is the next step in giving us what they want because not only can you buy glasses of the wine in store, but you'll also be able to take a bottle home for $20 per bottle.

Jalapeño Noir is a Pinot Noir that will only be in select stores for a limited time and while you can only buy it in Canada right now, you better believe we would stock up on these when they came to the US!

The wine will be sold with three different labels to encourage collecting and will go on sale in Canada on September 1th!

(Food & Wine)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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