A Swedish Chocolate Factory Malfunction Caused It To Rain Chocolate

2020 has already been a crazy year, but get ready for another story to make you question what year it is because it actually rained chocolate in Switzerland over the weekend!

The town of Olten, Switzerland might have had the craziest storm of all time after the town was covered in cocoa snowfall thanks to the town's chocolate factory having a malfunction.

Officials at the Lindt & Spruengli factory said a malfunction in the ventilation system, combined with strong winds, led to the town being covered with a layer of cocoa powder and while it was completely harmless for residents to eat, the factory has offered to pay for cleanup services, but nobody has taken them up on the offer just yet.

Also can I just share how happy I am that I have a legit reason to listen to Tay Zonday's "Chocolate Rain" again!? What a time to be alive!!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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