These Parents Tried To Name Their Newborn Daughter "Captain Phasma"

Picking out a baby name can be one of the most difficult things a parent can do because your newborn is stuck with that name for the rest of their life and this couple's family is already regretting the fact that their new granddaughter is going to be named "Captain Phasma."

In a now-deleted Reddit post, a dad-to-be shared that he and his wife are huge fans of Star Wars, they met while camping out for the premiere of one of them and he even proposed with a toy character from the movies, which is why they wanted to name their kid after a character in the movies.

The dad-to-be wrote that most of their friends respect their Star Wars obsession, but when the couple shared their baby name in a Zoom call, people were appalled.

Their loved ones think they’re making a mistake by naming their daughter after the obscure character from a galaxy far, far away, but the couple feels the “strong name would make other kids in awe” of her.

Now I'm not her to judge, but their daughter will at least have a go-to Halloween costume for the rest of her life!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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