RZA & Good Humor Partnered To Create A NEW Ice Cream Truck Song

We can all agree that as soon as we hear the classic ice cream truck jingle that we all have an internal debate as to if we're getting ice cream or not today and starting this month Good Humor will begin updating the new jingle to better reflect modern times!

The ice cream company, which admits it no longer has ice cream trucks of its own, just released a new jingle after realizing that the classic jingle, which dates back to the 1800s, has a very offensive history when it was first used in minstrel shows.

This is why Good Humor teamed up with Wu-Tang Clan founder RZA to release a new song that they hope other ice cream companies can incorporate into their mobile trucks as soon as possible.

You can check out the new song below, which I can't wait for Jibbs to use as a beat for his new song like "Chain Hang Low" did!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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