Rocksteady Is Making A Suicide Squad Video Game

It's been almost FIVE years since the studio behind the Batman Arkham games have released a video game and we FINALLY know that their next game will stay in the DC Universe and be centered around The Suicide Squad!

Rocksteady made the announcement last week with the game's first poster that shows Superman with a crosshairs aimed at his head that reads "Suicide Squad" and more info will be shared on August 22nd during the DC Fandome.

It's been years since the first rumor of a Suicide Squad game first took over the Internet and the game might be called Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League after a web domain leaked earlier this year.

While we'll have to wait a few more weeks to hopefully see a lot more from the game, it might not be the ONLY DC video game that will get announced at the DC Fandome with the rumors of a NEW Batman game also on the way.

Photo Credit: WB Games

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