Mulan Is Coming To Disney Plus In September

It has felt like ages since we've seen a movie in a theater and it looks like we're going to have to wait even longer because Disney just announced that Mulan is coming to Disney+ in September.

The live-action remake will be available for premium access starting on September 4th, which means you'll need to pay $30 to "rent" the move and watch it on Disney+.

The news was announced during Disney's recent earnings call, where it was also stated that Mulan will be the first movie Disney tests under this new model to see if it works for future movies like Black Widow and Pixar's Soul.

Now $30 sounds like a lot, but if you factor in seeing it in a theater, then you have already saved money if you have two other people watch Mulan with you. Also it seems that you get to keep your "rental of Mulan" until your Disney+ subscription ends. So you may have to pay $30 up front, but at least you can keep it until you're over The Mandalorian!

What do you think? Should Disney just release the movie on Disney+ for free or are you willing to pay extra to see the new movie from home?


Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

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