Madden NFL 21 Will Replace Redskins With A 'Generic' Washington Team

We already know that the Redskins are dropping their name and logo and while a new name and logo hasn't been chosen yet, the creators behind Madden NFL 21 are already preparing for the name change.

Madden NFL 21 is supposed to release on August 25th and while we still don't know what the Redskins' new name will be, Electronic Arts (EA), the publisher of Madden, will remove any mention or reference to the team in this year's game.

This year will feature a "generic Washington team" that will most likely have the announcers in the game saying things like "Washington with the ball."

Once you get this year's Madden you will have to download a Day One patch, which will include this change, and EA has said that they will update the team's new name and logo as soon as a decision has been made.

The bright side is that the DMV's other favorite football team, the Baltimore Ravens, has their starting quarterback Lamar Jackson on the cover of Madden this year!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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