Country Time Is Giving "Bailout Checks" For Closed Lemonade Stands

Even though Summer 2020 has essentially been canceled because of coronavirus, we might have all forgot that this impacts the lemonade stand the most. This is why Country Time Lemonade is giving out "bailout checks" to kids to help supplement their loss of summertime income.

The lemonade and soft-drink company has announced plans to pay kids across the country whose lemonade stands have been shuttered because of the pandemic with their “Littlest Bailout Relief Fund.”

Children under the age of 14 are eligible to apply at the program’s website with help from a parent or guardian and those selected will receive “stimulus checks to help kids preserve the values of lemonade stands, honest work and entrepreneurship,” according to Country Time.

Winners will be randomly selected and will get an honorary check in the mail, along with an email with a prepaid gift card! Even if your kid wasn't going to do a lemonade stand, then you know have incentive to get them interested in making one!

(Business Insider)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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