Sony Has Created A Wearable Air Conditioner For The Summer

If you can't stand the heat already, even after quarantine is letting us finally go outside, then get ready to have your OWN personal AC unit because Sony is releasing a personal air conditioner!

Called the Sony Reon Pocket, the personal AC unit was supposed to release around the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but because they got delayed Sony decided to release the units to the public this month.

Essentially the Reon Pocket fits inside a specially designed shirt that has a pocket for it in between your shoulders and it can cool your throughout the day through an app. It can also even give you heat in the winter!

You can currently by the Reon Pocket for $120 and get the shirt for $20 at Sony's online store HERE and you already know if you have one that everyone else is going to beg you to use it!

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