Berlin Is Encouraging People To Not Wear Deodorant To Encourage Mask Use

Get ready for public transportation, if you need to ride it, to be smellier because the city of Berlin is actually encouraging citizens to stop wearing deodorant to encourage people to wear their masks.

Public transportation officials in Berlin issued a cheeky recommendation for riders last week to stop wearing deodorant, and let their natural odors waft through the shared air, so others can have their masks fully cover their mouths and noses.

To be honest this would encourage me to double-up on my masks so that I don’t have to smell someone else’s BO.

The city of Berlin has even created potential street signs to remind people about the “no deodorant” rule, which you can see below, but would you rather not wear deodorant to “punish” non-mask users or have them pay a fine?

(NY Post)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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