Kellogg's Is Releasing Onion-Flavored Cereal

If you consider yourself an onion-lover then you need to try Kellogg’s new cereal that tastes like green onions!

Yep, green onion-flavored Chex cereal is now available in South Korea and it could be making its way to the US if it has a successful launch.

Apparently this green onion-flavored Chex cereal has been 16 years in the making because back in 2004, Kellogg’s Korea almost had a green onion mascot, but decided against it because they thought no one would eat onion cereal.

All it took was 2020 for them to finally cave in and release the cereal, which is supposedly supposed to taste better with milk.

You can check out what the cereal will look like below in Kellogg's new promotional video for the cereal.

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