Kellogg's Is Releasing Minecraft Cereal

We can all agree that Minecraft is a JUGGERNAUT when it comes to video games and even after launching 10 years ago it is still one of the most popular video games today and now it's getting its own cereal!

Kellogg's is releasing "Minecraft Creeper Crunch" this August and inside each box you'll get to enjoy Minecraft block-shaped grain oats with little green marshmallow cubes that represent the game's Creepers.

However, the thing you'll most likely be fighting other people to get your hands on is that each Creeper Crunch cereal box will include a code for TEN different in-game clothing options for your character that you can only get from the cereal.

The cereal will come in two different sizes for $4 or $6 and you can see what the cereal will look like below, but just get ready to see a larger crowd in the cereal later this summer!

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