This Is What The PlayStation 5 Will Look Like

Even though we didn't get an E3 this year, Sony made sure we all had something to talk about because they FINALLY revealed what their next console, the PlayStation 5, will look like.

Sony unveiled the PlayStation 5 at its "The Future of Gaming" livestream event and, even if you are more of an Xbox person than a PlayStation person, you have to admit that it looks pretty.

We also learned that PlayStation will be releasing TWO versions of PS5: a "digital version" of the PlayStation 5 and a version that allows 4K UHD discs to be inserted (aka like a normal console).

Without further ado, here's what the PlayStation 5 is going to look like:

Sony did not reveal a specific release date for the PlayStation 5 or how much either version will cost, but did reiterate that it's still going to be coming out in 2020 with a ton of great games to play at launch. You can check out PS5's reveal trailer below!


Photo Credit: PlayStation

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