KFC Is Getting Rid Of Its Potato Wedges For Fries

KFC might be known for its chicken, but the one thing we could all agree on is that their potato wedges were their best side and now they are removing it from the menu in place of normal fries!

If you haven't been to a KFC in a minute just know that they are no longer serving potato wedges and will instead be serving "Secret Recipe Fries." Now I'm all for giving new things a chance, but now when they replace something ICONIC.

Tons of fans feel the same as many customers have voiced that they are disappointed about the fry change because KFC was the only place to you could get potato wedges.

However, if the fries are as good as Taco Bell's Nacho Fries, which are both owned by the same company, then we can give them a pass!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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